How to Thrive as a Freelancer with Jay Clouse


Jay Clouse is a leader in the creative world by helping freelancers thrive as business owners. Through grit and determination, Jay is an excellent example to so many entrepreneurs on how taking consistent action builds a great audience. Jay Clouse is the founder of the Unreal Collective and Freelancing school. He started the Upside Podcast and, most recently, Creative Elements Podcast.

Before going on his own, Jay had a successful career in product management by helping a digital ticket exchange startup, Tixers, get funded and acquired in 2015 by OneUp Sports. He then went on to be product head at CrossChx, now called Olive, before he dove into his own freelance business and started Unreal Collective.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. How to get into freelancing

  2. How to build a personal brand

  3. How to effectively start new projects.

Show Notes

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