How Shruthi Parker Built a Brand around Travel, Family, and Faith


Shruthi Parker is a wife, mother, Christian, travel, and lifestyle blogger based here in Austin, TX. Her blog called TheHonestShruth started in 2016 right after she got married and moved to London. She wanted to share about her travels to her friends and family back home in the States, but little did she know that many others wanted to follow her travels and life. 

As life has changed, so has her blog. She moved back to Austin with her husband and started to travel less and start a family. As you follow her work, over the years, you feel like you grow up with Shruthi and are a part of her family. She now talks a lot about being a mother, a woman, and her faith. She has gained a big following of over 130,000 followers on Instagram, and over 400,000 monthly views on Pinterest while working with big brands like Whole Foods and Clif Bar.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Shruthi’s start to her blog

  2. How she got her first few followers on her blog.

  3. How she has built her audience even as her content and subjects have grown and changed.

  4. How to stay consistent online while staying balanced in her family life.

Show Notes

Shruthi Parker blog

Shruthi Parker’s Instagram

Shruthi Parker’s Pinterest

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